Collect Moments, Not Things

Photography has taught me to not always focus on going from point A to point B but to slow down and appreciate the journey.

I like to approach a shot with both creativity and logic in mind and problem-solve all aspects of the environment and lighting to capture what I envision or see as unique. This approach has allowed me to understand that, for me, the most rewarding aspect of photography is the ability to continuously improve my skills in an effort to make my visions a reality. It is up to me, the photographer, to utilize a select number of tools to creatively capture and manipulate light from the three-dimensional world into a unique two-dimensional composition. I must continuously adapt to the environment and challenge myself to seek mastery, not perfection.

This is best described by Mark Christiansen; “Artists and engineers have much in common: both understand and respect the tools, both know that the tools themselves don’t make you a great designer, and in both roles, iteration—multiple refinements—are often what separates a great effort from mediocrity.”

Pinhole Metering

Mandatory Portrait

Shooting Film in Brazil

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